Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Are you prepared for the warmer weather? Many property managers & business owners have opted to having their properties customer-ready by hiring the professionals at CM Maintenance. 

Here are a list of a few services that are popular in the Greater Toronto Area during the warmer months. These services are designed to maintain your property and create a visible difference for your customers, visitors and/or tenants will enjoy!

Carpet Steam Cleaning 

Carpet Steam Cleaning can help with maintaining the carpets in high traffic areas such as in hallways and lobby areas. The steam helps to break down dirt, odour, pet hair and dust that is not otherwise accessible. Carpet Steam Cleaning is an excellent option in the spring as many residents and visitors have brought in dirt, salt and mud throughout the winter. Carpet Steam Cleaning contributes to a healthier environment by eliminating allergens that seep into the breathing air. Overall, Carpet Steam Cleaning enhances the appearance of the room, hallway and other living space. It is a low-cost alternative to replacing flooring while still keeps tenants, customers and visitors content. 

Floor Strip & Wax

Floor Strip and Wax should be performed to eliminate harmful salt grind that often leads to floor discolouration and permanent stains. Floor Strip and Wax can help to maintain the floors over time as they add a protective layer of wax. Without a protective layer, a high-traffic area will scoff, become discoloured and scratch easier. Floor Strip and Wax can most importantly seal moisture away. Moisture that permeates the cracks of tiles can cause the tiles to lift out of place due to the fact that the water can compromise the adhesive that sits in the sub-flooring. Not only does strip and wax help protect your floors, it gives it an unbelievable shine that is sure to impress your customers, visitors and/or tenants. 

Marble Restoration & Polishing

Our specialized machinery and skilled staff will restore the luster to marble flooring that has grown dull after wear & tear. Trust our team to restore your flooring to its like-new condition.

Outdoor Power-Washing

Power Washing or Pressure Washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to eliminate unwanted mold, grime, mildew, dirt, bird-droppings and loose paint. The pressure washer can be used to clean outdoor, concrete surfaces such as garages, parking lots and the exterior of buildings. It also works well on fencing, swimming pools, patios and decking. 

Outdoor Space Clean-Up

Goodbye snow, hello trash! As snow starts to melt away, it starts to reveal the garbage that has accumulated over the winter. Excessive outdoor trash can be upsetting to tenants, neighbours and can lead to fines imposed by the city. Our cleaning crew will remove trash from visible but hard to access places.