After Trauma Cleaning and Emergency Cleaning

After Trauma Cleaning and Emergency Cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning For Businesses

CM Commercial Building Maintenance specializes in working closely with commercially managed properties all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). During this unprecedented time, our employees have been at the forefront of curbing the spread of this coronavirus using researched methods that are scientifically proven to disinfect surfaces. We are working closely with our clients to address the needs of their employees, residents and community during COVID-19 by providing solutions to their heath and safety concerns. This list contains ways that we have served our valued clients:

1. Specialized Disinfecting of Common Areas and Workplaces

CM Commercial Building Maintenance has specialized in Biohazard Cleaning for many years. Likewise, our decontamination services for COVID-19 follows the same principles to ensure the safe restoration of the affected area, which includes specialized equipment, PPE and virucidal chemicals that are scientifically prove to remove viruses from porous and non-porous surfaces. The non-fragrant chemical is sprayed using pump sprayers to reach as much surface area as possible. Additionally, we use hospital-grade air purification fans with HEPA filters that remove all air contaminants.

We also provide this service for cottage rentals in the Northern Bruce Peninsula.

2. Daily Disinfecting Porters

Another effective method used to limit community spread in residential buildings, offices, schools and nursing homes is to have daily porters (or on-site cleaners) disinfect high touch surface areas every hour. it is suspected that the virus can remain from 2 hours up to 9 days depending on the type of surface.[1] High touch surface areas include door handles, elevators, chute rooms, common areas, lobbies, washrooms, laundry rooms, staff-rooms, kitchens, toilets, sinks, floors, furniture, hallways, stairwells, switches, knobs and walls. Targeting these areas is effective in limiting community spread because it limits the potential transmitting the virus through surfaces.

3. Regular Cleaning Service

Before disinfecting is possible it is essential to first ensure that areas are cleaned as well as free from all dust and debris. Having dedicated on-site personnel to thoroughly clean your facility is an important step in the health and safety of your facility. It also provides peace of mind to employees and residents.

Although the best public health measure to combat the spread of the virus are individual efforts (hand hygiene, staying home when feeling unwell etc.) There are several actions that can be taken by apartment buildings, businesses, workplaces and other communal spaces to provide peace of mind. The services mentioned above have been the most used by our commercial clients that range from schools, offices to residential buildings. In many cases, our customers have requested a combination of the methods listed in order to provide the best possible result.

Unattended Death Cleaning

CM Commercial Building Maintenance offers Biohazard and After Death cleaning services for apartments, condominiums, and housing units. These services are specific for delicate situations typically involving  injured or deceased  persons. Unlike regular unit or commercial cleaning, Biohazard and Trauma cleaning requires sensitive attention, as improper cleaning of affected areas can lead  to  health  risks  to  workers,  tenants,  and  the  property itself. We have worked with a number of property managers, trustees/relatives to restore afflicted areas. Some of the duties involved with Unattended Death Cleaning include:
  1. Installing hospital grade air purification & odour removal system
  2. Complete decontamination of unit
  3. Removal of all personal items/retrieval of important documents or sentimental items
  4. Bin pick-up & drop-off
  5. Trained experts with specialized PPE
  6. Carpet & floorboard removal
  7. Returning unit back to liveable state

Fire, Floods, Mold Removal, Bed Bugs & Hoarding

Unit Restoration services are rendered after a property has suffered damage caused by water damage, flood, fire/smoke, hoarding, infestation or mold. Services can be accomplished immediately to reduce any further damage to the property.

Our goal is to ensure that the unit is returned to a liveable and move-in ready condition. Our services can also include removing all unwanted items and furniture as well as disposal of large appliances and cabinetry with advance notice.


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